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li Sep 14 '18
Seedling Luo Cui one mouthful, clap to open a hand Chen way:"It is what elder sister Shi knows you tonight come back idea preparation especially, don't depend on me." Yang Qiu smiles, Dermontti Dawson Youth Jersey started to carry chicken soup to take advantage o heat to drink severals and asked a way:"To, I go out for this period of time what is up?" "The navy invites you to take part in to enter water a rites in Shanghai at the beginning of next month and also says that British navy has already made sure that the next month comes to visit, tall ship's wanting to be resident after the be over Hong Kong is several years.Still have is a virtuous Pei madam to also come two days ago, she wanted to invite me to go to women rights committee Donnie Shell Youth Jersey to serve as member of committee.You have no at home, this matter I don't dare to take idea.Leave those."Seedling Luo part sorting the quilt still don't forget sour 2 of Nian:"Ask your secretary." The strict jade autumn is finally still left by Yang Qiu, not is have what viewpoint, but she really works outstanding, the besides naval face also wants to.But this matter on the contrary became the words handle that usually go fetch to laugh at among the husband and wife, so Yang Qiu intentionally set up for don't hear, say:"The Pei virtuous madam is an outstanding woman, she since Ernie Stautner Youth Jersey invites go to.Women's rights' guaranteeing abroad has been very universal, go to and also Be free." The seedling Luo isn't that kind of either envy the heart strongest woman, otherwise Rui precious jade and Lyu Bi Cheng root impossible enter Yang Jia's door, is also often lend this to remind that oneself's husband doesn't make a mess of.As for the Pei virtuous madam allows her to serve as women rights committee this matter she also has some to worry, oneself after all the identity is different, if serving as the member of committee certanly will make everyone think is Yang Qiu in the push, so just slowly didn't promise and wait he to come back. Listen to him saying to do and wanting to ask a way now:"That did I go to behind how to do?" Yang Qiu be not Franco Harris Youth Jersey what feminism, but women's rights protects have to do, this involves to control a population growth to wait a national core problem among them.Three year agos he once put forward and control a population growth on the meeting of Chongqing, although Be just slogan in fact also really want to push, Be just a republic still a typical model of now ground male power society, woman's position is very low, many strange women from in home in region connect last have a meal to all prohibit. So he wants a way:"The Pei virtuous madam there may have already had viewpoint, you go to empress as far as possible don't too Gao Diao, this kind of matter says big give offense to a person, say small is your woman to fight for the organization of rights by himself[herself]." The seedling Luo sees his a short while say to go, a short while says and has to be low-key, not from rushed toward Chi to smile out, eye wave malicious malicious one Ning:"Is not afraid future four Yis too enter not door.