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li Sep 14 '18
From Dong Yong Wei to Chen Guo Fu, the Mu permit Han and arrive just- relieved Kuang Xu 堃 again, all of Yang Qiu's secretaries are males.Now pours to fill a women to come over well and directly. When the noodles Sam Freeman Authentic Jersey that wears seedling Luo, Yang Qiu immediately makes a phone call to Chen Guo Fu, after asking clearly just know own new secretary call strict jade autumn, is the grandnephew female who is strict to reply.1916 alone one person leave for as far as England to study abroad, until just come back at the end of last year.Just Kuang Xu adjusts a term at that time, so ice in the Sa town recommends her.Chen Guo Fu at that time is also sold personal feeling to the navy, but had never thought young girl to pass to cut all the way will outshine others, now that promise always can not send back again?Just finally can hold a nose to recognize. He doesn't dare to take Yang Qiu in person again here, although it is said have never profited oneself to embezzle, can commander nearby three greatest beauty!This not is ask for trouble, simply let Scott Kazmir Authentic Jersey ice in the Sa town bring by himself/herself. "These old north oceans still can not change old Xi!"All of Chen Guo Fu and Kuang Xu et als scold time after, Yang Qiu just let go of a telephone.The navy so all depends ice in the Sa town these old north oceans support for several years, the achievement is very big, but still keeps changing not to drop on some old Xis of their body.See oneself for these years to the navy development have no army and air force warmhearted, the simply parties individual is nearby trying to put in a good word be really. However this also Sean Newcomb Authentic Jersey reminded him.Ice these people in the Sa town is really old, navy's that time waits take"navy's holidays" in all countries carry on a personnel big adjust, promoted a batch of young men to come up, as for in front does this"is big bother" want not to send back? See the facial expression that the strict jade autumn soon cry out, Yang Qiu end can temporarily leave she and once waited a segment time to think the way seek a new work for her.However at two madam scathing eye under, he doesn't dare to take young girl Henan and northeast, simply leave to make her leave to help is already the seedling Luo of a few board directors in the Sean Rodriguez Authentic Jersey woman school to share a work, conveniently the help tidies up a daily document, oneself takes a beard however virtuous start on journey a northwest with Cai E of go. When Yang Qiu had a headache to nearby bother, the sea surface of the E Huo time gram sea also finally defrosted. Hope Ma Jia Dan's harbor outside green jade wave deep blue sea surface, from Ya Ku Ci gram the comfortable rice that by luck flee for life the second Ci radicle heavily loosenned tone.