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li Sep 14 '18
Wei Han of hair white is the most important support of late pure navy, but because of work be not understood by the most people.At his tenure ship government period, uphold a design and once constructed Cesar Puello Authentic Jersey 12 warship ships, still undergo military service at the navy up to now of the benefit warship come from a his hand.Although it is said the reasons like technique,etc compares abroad still badly, but this isn't his fault, so after starting combing navy, Yang Qiu's ice in the Sa town immediately finds out him and again serves as navy the shipbuilding material director general system. He this time come is check Qin state the factory undertakes of 1920 navy plan medium light cruiser progress of, 70-year-old every year of old man half time is rushed about to the spirit of circumlittoral shipbuilding factory, even Yang Qiu all very touched, say with smile:"The Wei is old, this kind of matter lets underneath come go, you could notice body." Yang Qiu likes to call an old person what old what old of, is no longer strange to smell, Wei Han also early has to smell and say with smile:"Thank deputy president, worthless old man is never unoccupied, you Chris Herrmann Authentic Jersey see all of these are babies.In those early years we if had these, Kai official and son joss-stick, rain minister they."Sob regrets old man says till the last, run off tears.Much excellent generation north foreigner, but because various reason blood spread a Jiang field soul don't return Xi.Yang Qiu hurriedly comforted him several, also know that these old north oceans feel to how suppress to bend to those early years one war, connect Li dollar Hong all often hang A noon on the mouth. Is afraid that he is sad to excessively influence body, Yang Qiu changes direction topic the affair of navy's treaty up, ask a way:"The Wei is old, the navy negotiates that matter to carry on of how?" Washington's navy Chris Owings Authentic Jersey negotiates joining of this newly arisen strength in China adds complications more, so the history ended last February of the negotiation all have no a result up to now, mainly is Chinese navy to request to acquire Japanese parity of treatment.Although Wei Han is a technical personnel, but particularly concerns this time negotiation, this relates to navy to build how much warship, hence the oil tanker flank being simply in the middle of constructing gets up for Yang Qiu's introduction. The navy negotiates from 21 the beginning of the years 66 continuously and continuously start getting in touch with, but up to currently still one regiment mentally dense.The main core is the United States to Christian Walker Authentic Jersey request with British equal position, while Japan requests to get hold of 80% British and American tonnages.Most let British and American headaches of BE, Chinese navy also puts forward his/her own battleship tonnage to wait in the same day originally, otherwise not to consider joining treaty. England has a headache very much to this and defends in a devious way to say that this isn't negotiation in the nation, only is navy's negotiation.China have no oversea colony, also have no navy tradition, so should not acquire so big tonnage.Yang Du and leaf's Zu Gui affirmation can't be had no colony suddenly and leisurely don't navy?Arrive a northernmost E Huo Ci gram from the most southern Qin state sea northeast straits(official gazette in Shanghai starts partition from here.