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At the very first stage of my career, I heard this quote by one of my colleague that: “Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life". This statement was a little bit scary one for me because I used to overthink negatively a lot.


I was working as a Financial Consultant at a very beginning of my career, I learned so many things, but the main thing was about people that why some people are not able to reach their goals? I have worked with different kinds of people in my life, and what I have observed so far is that the most important thing for achieving a goal is your mindset.  I have also taken assistance from online assignment writing services to learn about human psychology, but every time I have faced different types of challenges. All other attributes have their importance, but it is the most important factor in our lives. If the mindset is strong, then you can easily overcome even the most difficult kind of circumstances.


 We all go through some really difficult times, under such circumstances we are so confused that what we should do. We focus on all the negative reasons why something is not working. All these negative reasons become excuses to avoid work. What we really need to do under such circumstances is to change the quality of our thoughts

 The main power is in cluttering our mind from all the negative thoughts that are becoming a hurdle in our way of success.


What you need to do:

If you have not achieved anything as per your dreams up till now then you need to rethink what is going wrong or maybe because of that, you do not have any idea that what it takes to achieve something. What I mean actually is that anything that in your priority list to achieve is worth achieving and will take lots of energies, efforts, and resources to achieve. All these efforts and sacrifices will only be helpful if you will change the person you are now. You will need to change a lot of attributes for becoming a different person with different thinking.

1. Efforts:

There is a very famous quotation: "No pain, no gain" and implementation of this quotation is in real life as well. If we will not work hard enough, we cannot achieve things that we are currently dreaming of.

2. Coming Out of Comfort Zone:
If you will get rid of random excuses, then definitely you will eradicate your comfort zone. Lame excuses are not a good reason to ignore your dreams.

There are some difficult times in our lives when we think all the struggle that we are going through is that it worth? Yes, it is, but the answer is in getting out of your comfort zone. 

Once you will know that whatever you are doing is an integral part of your dream, then you will work harder for it.

3. Have Patience:

If you are not seeing results immediately then you need to have some patience. Everything takes times, and nothing changes within a glimpse. Keeping this quotation in your mind: “You reap what you sow”, will help you immensely. Keeping your goals in your mind always will work really well for you. Writing that on a piece of paper will again be very helpful for you. Asking for help from your parents and friends will help you a lot. Sticking notes on wall, cupboard, and everything that is around you will be very beneficial.

In the end, the main thing that is extremely important is your mind because it takes all the decisions for your betterment. You need to keep in mind that what is really important for your wellbeing and should take steps to achieve that. Are you putting enough efforts intoachieving your dreams or not? Indulging yourself into such a situation is mandatory because that is how you will know your internal feelings. Your mind power will let you achieve your dreams, and all your wishes will come true not instantly, but eventually, but you already know that it's worth it. 

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By Mark Carlton
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