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QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit. It basically works online and provides users, especially small business owners, with accounting tools to help them manage their finances. To give users the advantage of the latest accounting software, Intuit regularly updates QuickBooks with new and improved features. These software updates usually include important bug fixes that help QuickBooks to run smoothly. Users are encouraged to check for updates as often as possible through the official QuickBooks website or by calling the quickbooks customer care number for more details.

Although updating QuickBooks is really simple sometimes the software could encounter errors causing the update to halt. One such update error in QuickBooks is Error 15270. QuickBooks Error 15270 is the consequence of a missing file that may have interrupted the payroll update. This article will give you some suggestions on what to do when you are faced with this error.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 15270

If you are struggling to download a payroll update on QuickBooks you may have seen a message that reads “QuickBooks Error 15270: The update is missing a file. The update is not successful.” You can follow the steps given below to resolve the error and continue using the QuickBooks software:

  • Step 1: Save your data and restart QuickBooks. Open the ‘Help’ menu and click ‘Update QuickBooks’
  • Step 2: Go to the update QuickBooks window and select ‘Update Now’.
  • Step 3: Before clicking ‘Get Update’ be sure to checkmark the ‘Reset Updates box’.
  • Step 4: You will know that the update is complete when you the ‘Get Updates’ button becomes active. When this happens, restart the software.
  • Step 5: In case you see the update service message just click ‘Install Now’ and your QuickBooks update should install automatically.
  • Step 6: Open QuickBooks and go to the Employees section and restart the process to install payroll updates.
  • Step 7: Verify that you are downloading the entire payroll update and then select ‘Update’

Alternate Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 15270

If the steps mentioned above do not work then you can try the QuickBooks solutions mentioned below to fix the problem:

  • Change the network and use a wired internet connection and not Wi-Fi
  • Go to Selective Startup and complete a clean install of QuickBooks
  • Set internet explorer as your default browser before opening QuickBooks
  • Follow the instructions to delete and rename the paysub.ini file
  • If you are using Windows 7, 8 or Vista you should turn off User Account Controls and then restart QuickBooks.

For more details on any of the solutions, you can call the quickbooks customer support number and consult a software expert. Through this QuickBooks helpline, you will be able to reach out to experts 24 hours a day and get the best solution to any QuickBooks related error, including QuickBooks Error 15270.

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Quickbooks Support Phone Number +1(833) 786-9797. Our Quickbooks Technical Support Team Provides 24*7 Online Quickbooks Customer Support by calling us at our Quickbooks Support Number.
quickbooks phone number
QuickBooks Phone Number 

QuickBooks offers you a very good service to pay employees in the last of the month. You need to update your bank account and debit or credit card information in QuickBooks. Then set the salary, pay date, and employee information and QuickBooks will automatically pay employees on the set date. You can take payment from customers if they want to pay by credit card. But what if you are unable to update the card information in QuickBooks? Then take help from QuickBooks customer support phone number team. You can read this blog also, to know the steps to update card information in QuickBooks, or the solutions if you face the issue in that.


Steps to update card information in QuickBooks


Update a customer’s credit card information:

§  Open QuickBooks and click on “Sales” in the left menu. After that select the “Customer” tab.

§  Then click on the name of the customer you want to edit.

§  Then move your mouse cursor to the “Edit” option and click on that.

§  Then navigate to “Payment and Billing” tab.

§  Then choose the current card number, which is located below the preferred payment method line.

§  Then click on the + sign to add the card information.

§  Enter all the required card details very carefully and save.


Change a customer’s card info

§  Open QuickBooks and press the + sign situated in the top section of the page.

§  Click on “Customer” tab and choose sales receipt or receive payments.

§  Choose the customer name you want to edit.

§  Then choose the current card number, which is located below the preferred payment method line.

§  Then click on the + sign to add the card information.

§  Type the new card information carefully and click on save.


Now you know how you can update card information in QuickBooks. But what if you still face the problem in updating the card information in QuickBooks. Then, you can take the guidelines from well-trained techies. Just ring the QuickBooks customer service phone number and get the response from an expert. These experts are able to give an exact solution of every issue a user can face with QuickBooks software.

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quickbooks phone number

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used and preferred accounting software that helps to manage and carry out finances and business operations in a proper, sorted and well-planned manner. The software is available with both Desktop and cloud-based version and it comes merged with various features such as payroll, the point of sale, enterprise, etc. The payroll function comes with regular updates and it talks about the total list of workers or employees working in a company, their salary structure, which further includes all the taxes, bonus, funds, etc. But it may happen sometimes that due to some corruption in the software, there occurs some hindrances in the payroll process and thus creating a scene of chaos and mismanagement. This particular blog will help you understand the basic reason behind the error and you can also proceed with the procedure. And if there comes any kind of difficulty while executing the process, you may get in touch with the customer executives at QuickBooks phone number.


What is Error Code PS077 all about?

This error is usually encountered by the users when the QuickBooks software is not able to execute the proper installation of the payroll tax table or the updates related to it. There can be a few reasons behind this error. They are listed below:

·         The QuickBooks program was not properly registered

·         The billing details and other details that are required for the payroll feature was not entered properly.

·         A company file could be damaged or corrupt

·         The payroll tax table which was downloaded could have an error


How to resolve QuickBooks error code PS077?

As it is said that prevention is better than cure, so the users must take some necessary preventive measures so that this error doesn’t occur again. Even though no one can give a guarantee in these kinds of technical errors, but at least some steps can be taken to decrease the probability. And also to keep in mind that you follow each step one by one and do not mix the two steps or alter any.

·         You need to ensure that QuickBooks registration has been completed and done accurately.

·         The program should stand up to date and of the current version.

·         Also, keep in mind that the billing records hold no discrepancies and errors and have been checked and tallied with the current month.

·         You can also to choose to Repair the QuickBooks application. The option will be given to you just next to the Uninstall one.

·         If you are using the operating system like Windows 7, 8 or Vista then disable the User Account Control on desktop

·         Go to the home page of QuickBooks application, press F2 key and verify the license number.

·         You must see whether you have a single application of QuickBooks Desktop installed in the system and if you use a server computer then the QuickBooks application on that computer will be the Desktop Database application.

·         You should make sure that only one QB application is running on the computer, otherwise, it may create errors. And if there are more than one, then you should create the files backup>Discontinue Applications>open run window>Control Panel>Programs and Features>Undo QuickBooks Application that might have been created twice.


If by chance the given solutions do not work or even after taking the precautions, the error occurs again and again and that too on a frequent basis then you should either reinstall QuickBooks software again or avail technical assistance from QuickBooks Tech Support Number. The guidance and assistance of the experts will surely prove to be effective for you.


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quickbooks phone number

Quickbooks Phone Number : The QuickBooks software that assists to supervise and govern the accounts and finance of the company or small businesses. You can supervise all the expenses of the company, check the profits and loss, prepare invoices, and generate salary slips, maintain the cash flow, etc. it is online software that has been developed and managed by Intuit. The software stores very crucial and important information, and it is always advised that you keep a backup of all the files, in case you accidentally lose them or they get deleted. The online software keeps a record of all the business data. But what if you accidentally delete the folder or some files? Don’t worry, there is a solution to every problem. If you have encountered with such a problem and is not able to get the desired solution, after a constant search, then you have come to the right place. By reading this, you will be able to recover deleted QuickBooks files easily. The deleted files can be recovered easily from the recycle bin.


Restoring the deleted files from the recycle bin

§  Move to the desktop and double click on the recycle bin icon to open it in the files explorer.

§  Now, in the recycle bin, open the QuickBooks Folder and select on Restore the file option. If you have accidentally deleted only a few files, then you can select them together by using the CTRL+ Shift+ Arrow down option together.

§  Once the files have been recovered, move back to the QuickBooks folder to view the deleted files in the software.


Restoring the files using Yodot

(Yodot is an online software tool that helps in data recovery if the files have been deleted accidentally)

§  Download the Yodot software in your device.

§  After the downloading process is complete, set the Yodot File recovery tool on the system.

§  Now launch the tool and choose the option of either Lost File Recovery or Delete File recovery

§  From the list of options that will be provided to you, select the QuickBooks Folder or File that you wish to recover.

§  Type the extensions of the files, which needs to be restored back

§  Once restored, store the files safely in the location, other than where you usually store your QuickBooks File.


Solved:- How to fix QuickBooks error code 6144 82



Quickbooks Customer Service Phone Number: There are many other ways that can be used to retrieve the deleted files from the QuickBooks folder again. But here in this blog, the solutions which will prove to be most beneficial for you are provided with. You can opt from any of the ways that you find convenient.


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quickbooks phone number

The QuickBooks error code is one of the most common errors that arise at the time of opening any company file which is used by any other application. Among many other flaws of this accounting software, error codes occurrence is not new. It is very important to access the code first then find the adequate solution. With the help of some troubleshooting steps, you can easily fix the error but it is recommended to take help from the QuickBooks tech support phone number that stays available round the clock, 24×7 online.


It is mostly noted that when this error shows up, it will crash your any open application resulting in device lag. A dialogue box will appear stating the code. Moreover, the response time of the Windows slow down and probably the PC might freeze.


Reasons behind the QuickBooks error code 6144 82


§  Incomplete download of the QuickBooks software

§  The registry is corrupted due to the recent installation

§  Accidental deletion of QB files by any other program

§  Change or modification in the network connection resulting in any error

§  Damage to hard disk or RAM may lead to loss of data and file

Once you have properly examined the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this error, try to perform the following fixture to eliminate the error totally.


Fixing the QuickBooks error code 6144 82


§  Try to fix the Registry entries related to this error

§  Try to deep clean your PC using a strong antivirus or security program

§  Update any outdated driver

§  Perform the ‘undo’ operation to restore any recent changes in the device

§  Try to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks program

§  Launch Windows System file checker

§  Check for any Windows update, if required, install it

§  Use any junk or disk cleaner program to clean out your PC junk or the temporary files or folders.


Solved: How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 30159


Even after following the above-mentioned points, the error code still exists, then try getting in touch with QuickBooks customer care, where the professional technicians will help in resolving the issue within least minimum time. They stay well versed with all types of issues related to QuickBooks accounting software.


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Quickbooks Support


To run any business smoothly it becomes really important to keep all the bills and accounts clear. This should be done from both the parties who are involved in this process. The customers are the heart and soul of any business organization, as they are the sole reason for making it a success or a failure. Anyone who has used the QuickBooks software for handling all the data records, knows very well that this software application is also used to create an invoice. An invoice is a list of the items purchased from a company or market, featuring the individual cost for each item and the total cost. Sometimes it can happen either from the company’s side or from the customer’s side that they are not able to pay or return the exact money which has been mentioned in the invoice and thus the issue of due balance can arise. With the help of QuickBooks Technical Support Number team create invoices of the items purchased or sold, one can easily work on this problem and the company can send the amount which is due and has to be paid by the customer or the remaining balance that has to be paid by the company to a customer, in the form of an invoice. If you wish to understand how to solve the issue of remaining balance on the QuickBooks invoice, then you should spare some time and go through the steps that are being referred to in this blog. The steps are explained in a really simplified manner and you will face no issue while performing these steps. You can also get in touch with the QuickBooks experts if you face any sort of difficulty.


The proposed solution


§  Move to the version of QuickBooks Online in your system and choose the Gear icon with a single right click

§  Then choose the Customs Form Styles.

§  Select the option ‘Edit’ from the pattern that uses for creating the invoice, and after selecting that move to the Content Tab.

§  Now under the Account summary, which will be at the top, choose the option of Show on the invoice.

§  By selecting this option, you will be able to see everything related to balance due records-showing the total amount or any pending charges.


By going through the above-mentioned steps, your query will be resolved in no time. The problem that you are facing with the balance due issues on QuickBooks invoices is really easy to solve if you do not tamper with the steps and procedure, and you will be able to figure out the answers very easily.

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Quickbooks Customer Support


QuickBooks is one software that helps you in all sorts of accounting work as well as checking and maintains the payroll sheet. This helps a small business and a start-up in reducing the workload. It is also one thing that helps the small business in carving out bigger things from their resources.


But time to time users face a lot of problems in tackling a few issues of this software one of which is when QuickBooks payroll unable to calculate taxes. If in any scenario you face a problem in calculating the taxes in the payroll there can be a number of reasons.


·        One of the main reasons for this problem can be your software itself. If your QuickBooks is not updated there are bugs and deformity in its service that makes a problematic situation. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of QuickBooks then make sure that you are using the best and updated version of this software.

·        Now secondly it can also happen that there is a specific paycheck where QuickBooks is unable to calculate the tax. For this error, you may check the table of the agency where the tax table is available. Be sure that the wage of the agency and the tax table are updated at equal timing and they do not have a glitch in between. If you fail to update the tax table then you might face this problem.

·        You should also be very careful that the tax table you are using for the calculation is not outdated, because if this is true you might be unable to calculate the taxes correctly. So avoid keeping the outdated table and keep a check on any updation.

·        Now if these two points are fine and correct then the next thing you should check is the tax Once you verify the rates it is most probable that this problem gets eliminated completely. For this, you can follow a simple check step where first you need to check the amount column of your payroll item list and revise it very carefully


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Although it is not certain that your problem might be any of these listed above yes majorly it happens to be one of these. So, if after checking all of these you are unable to find the problem then all you have to do is get in touch with a technician on the Quickbooks customer service phone number of the company.


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QuickBooks Customer Care What to do when QuickBooks does not send email invoices but creates pdf files?

This error in QuickBooks happens when there is a problem in the account security settings of the email provider, or the email preference is being set incorrectly, an error in QuickBooks installation or because the domain admin was blocked. And sometimes, it also happens when the QuickBooks version is outdated. And by updating it to the latest release, the problem gets solved immediately. But there are times when you might need to put in a little more effort to get rid of the complication. So this blog has listed down some steps which can prove to be vital in tackling the problem at hand. If you want to fix this issue, you can either refer to this blog or you can get in touch with verified representatives at QuickBooks tech support number.


So before carrying on further, you need to check if your QuickBooks software is in its latest edition or not. If it isn’t, you need to update it. And if the problem still remains even after updating, you need to follow the steps below.


Check the settings of webmail preference


§  To proceed, first, go to the menu bar and click on ‘edit’.

§  Under this, choose ‘preferences’ and select ‘send forums’.

§  After that under the ‘my preference’ tab, click on the email that you are currently using.

§  Now click on ‘edit’ and either mark the ‘SSL’ box or choose ‘default’. And when the server field appears, make sure that the server name matches your ‘email provider setting’.


Send emails using Sample Company file.


§  On your QuickBooks, go to the ‘file’ menu and select ‘close company’.

§  When you see the ‘no company open’ window, click on the ‘open a sample file’ option and choose the file you want to utilize.

§  After this, set up your email service in QuickBooks desktop and try sending the email again.


Solved: How to create a backup of QuickBooks files


So through these two methods and the steps, you will be able to send email invoices normally. If at any point, you run into some technical error or issue, contact QuickBooks payroll technical support to gain access to professional and experienced experts.


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quickbooks phone number
Quickbooks Phone Number


QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software which has enabled the small to medium scale business to have real-time insights into the accounting activities. With the introduction of QB 2017 Pro version, people now have more access to the top class features. But there occurs a time when the users of this software face some serious troubles and mismatch password is one of them. If you are also one facing the similar issue then try to reach out QuickBooks customer service number, where the certified technicians will help you with an effective solution.


Scheduled reports, auto-fill, smart and in between amount search, vendor, and customer type filter, credit card cleared status, a visual reminder of record making deposits, feature tour, a new badge and many more are the enthralling features of QB Pro. In case of mismatch password, you will need to use an automated password reset tool.


Using Automated Password Reset Tool:


1.     First of all, you will need to select the version of QB Pro you are using

2.     Select the QuickBooks version you last updated to open the company file

3.     Fill in the license number and business information and click submit

4.     Accept the license agreement and click on the download button

5.     On the next screen, click on the download link

6.     Enter the token number you received via email

7.     Select your QuickBooks version in product drop down menu

8.     Click browse for the company file and select the file you want to reset the password

9.     Enter your new password in the new password and confirm passwords fields

10.                        Then click on the reset password


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The automated password reset tool will help you access your QB account. It must be kept in mind to follow the steps in the same order as they are given. QB Pro Password reset is very easy to perform. Once you are done you will be able to explore the updated and new version of QuickBooks. You can also take help from the support executives in case of inability to fix the issue at your end.


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