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quickbooks phone number
Quickbooks Phone Number


QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software which has enabled the small to medium scale business to have real-time insights into the accounting activities. With the introduction of QB 2017 Pro version, people now have more access to the top class features. But there occurs a time when the users of this software face some serious troubles and mismatch password is one of them. If you are also one facing the similar issue then try to reach out QuickBooks customer service number, where the certified technicians will help you with an effective solution.


Scheduled reports, auto-fill, smart and in between amount search, vendor, and customer type filter, credit card cleared status, a visual reminder of record making deposits, feature tour, a new badge and many more are the enthralling features of QB Pro. In case of mismatch password, you will need to use an automated password reset tool.


Using Automated Password Reset Tool:


1.     First of all, you will need to select the version of QB Pro you are using

2.     Select the QuickBooks version you last updated to open the company file

3.     Fill in the license number and business information and click submit

4.     Accept the license agreement and click on the download button

5.     On the next screen, click on the download link

6.     Enter the token number you received via email

7.     Select your QuickBooks version in product drop down menu

8.     Click browse for the company file and select the file you want to reset the password

9.     Enter your new password in the new password and confirm passwords fields

10.                        Then click on the reset password


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The automated password reset tool will help you access your QB account. It must be kept in mind to follow the steps in the same order as they are given. QB Pro Password reset is very easy to perform. Once you are done you will be able to explore the updated and new version of QuickBooks. You can also take help from the support executives in case of inability to fix the issue at your end.


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quickbooks phone number
QuickBooks Technical Support Number

When you are handling accounting software like QuickBooks it is very vital that you create backups of the company files as they hold important information about your clients and businesses. So that if ever there is an accident or problem with your QuickBooks software and you lose your data files, you can always restore them back. If you want to back up your file, then you are required to perform some steps to achieve that. If you want to know how you can correctly create a backup of QuickBooks files you can take this blog as a reference. Or you can also contact QuickBooks customer support to avail the same help from more reliable sources.


Before you begin with the backup, you need to check if your computer has enough space and also check the internet to see if you have a strong connection. These are preventive measures you need to take to avoid any unnecessary complication while creating the backups. If you have checked everything, you can go ahead and start performing the steps that have been mentioned below:


§  Firstly, you need to switch the mode to the single To do this, you must go to the file menu and under this option, you need to click on the ‘switch to single user mode’ to activate it.

§  Now select the ‘backup company’ option from the file menu and then select ‘create local backup’.

§  When the backup window appears, click on ‘local backup’ and select ‘options’.

§  When the backup option window appears, click on ‘browse’ and select the location where you want to store the backup copy.

§  Click ‘ok’ after you have chosen the appropriate location.

§  And on the ‘create backup’ window click on the ‘next’ option.

§  After this, you can choose whether to save the files now or schedule it for later.

§  If you want to save it now, you will be prompted to choose the location. The default location for the files will be the one that you have chosen. But if you want to save it on a different location, browse for it and click ‘save’.


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This is how you can back up a company file on QuickBooks manually. For any assistance with any technical error or complication, you can QuickBooks customer service to acquire professional help from certified representatives who have years of experience.

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quickbooks phone number
Quickbooks Customer Support Phone Number

Managing all the data related to a business and accounts can be really hectic. To maintain paper files, a record of expenses, profit and loss and other are really frustrating when you do it on a large scale. This is why Intuit has launched a software ease the accounting work. QuickBooks is an accounting software which is the best suitable software to easily do all the work. Now, one doesn’t have to worry about carrying the hard bounded files but because QuickBooks allows you to do all this work online very easily. But there are complications also because nothing can be without any error, same goes with this software. QuickBooks software also faces come glitches and problems. One of the most common issue with QuickBooks software is Quickbooks Payroll Error 30159. This error causes the problem with this software and the software runs slowly. Sometimes the users face problem in opening the company files due to this error. But this error can be resolved by some troubleshooting steps or you can ask for help on QuickBooks phone number.


Causes of QuickBooks Error 30159         

There are various factors which can trigger the QuickBooks Error 30159 in a computer. Some of them are listed below:

§  Corrupt Windows registry files and damaged files.

§  Incomplete installation of the QuickBooks software.

§  Virus or malware activity.

§  Corrupt files in HDD.

§  The slow speed of the computer.

§  Junk files in the HDD.

After analyzing the situation and finding the reason, you can proceed with the solution steps. Read this blog and go with the solution steps to resolve the problem.

Solution to fix QuickBooks Error 30159

§  Close all the running programs in the computer and shut down. After 1 or 2 minutes press the power button and start your computer again.

§  Log in to your system as an administrator.

§  Press the start button on the keyboard and choose Accessories option on the screen.

§  Then select the option ‘System restore’ on the appeared screen. Then you will be asked to restore the system to a previous Click on Yes.

§  After performing all these steps, the system will restart automatically after 1 minute.

§  When the system restarts you won’t face the problem anymore.


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Hopefully, the given steps or information in this blog works for you. But if you feel confused with above-given steps or these steps doesn’t work, then you can ask experts on QuickBooks customer support number. This number is toll-free, so you can dial this number anytime.


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quickbooks phone number
Quickbooks Support Number


The software QuickBooks has been providing its outstanding features and services to at least every business. It has millions of users in the world. QuickBooks has much software to manage a business easily. The software QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best services of QuickBooks software. This software helps in many tasks like users can quickly send payment to employees, automatically calculate the taxes of payroll and paying tax on time and saves from the tax penalty.


There are a lot of features QuickBooks payroll software have. If you want to know more about this software, you can call on QuickBooks Customer Support.


Sign up for QuickBooks Payroll service

For using QuickBooks Payroll service, firstly you need to sign up for that.  Follow below-given steps to sign up for QuickBooks Payroll Service.

1.     Go to Employees section: Open the QuickBooks software and after that click on Employees tab available in the left side of the window.

2.     Payroll service: You will see “Get started with Payroll” in the right side of the appeared window. Click on that.

3.     Payroll setup: To set up payroll first thing you have to do is to answer some questions asked by QuickBooks software.

4.     Add your employees: Next and the main step is to add employees. Look in the left side of the window you will see “Add employees”. Click on that.

5.     Employee’s information: Then one by one enters the employee’s name and all the information of employees. Enter the tax withholdings, address, SSN and marital status of your employee.

6.     Enter your Pay Schedule: Now again you have to answer Questions. Answer the Question which will ask “How often do you pay your employee?”

7.     How much you pay your employee: Then one by one choose your employees and enter the amount you pay to your employee.

8.     Payment method: Then choose how you want to pay your employee.

9.     Premium Plan : Since the QuickBooks Payroll service is a premium plan service

10.                        in QuickBooks software. So, make to choose the premium plan. Else all the hard work for setting up the Payroll service will be waste.


This was the whole set up or sign up procedure to use QuickBooks Payroll service. Contact with QuickBooks payroll technical support if you get confused while going through given steps.

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quickbooks phone number
How to connect Bank to Online Payroll


Online payroll service is provided by QuickBooks. This service allows a user to pay employees, tax preparation, tax pay at the end of the month very easily. It saves the user from the tax delay penalties. Connecting the bank with QuickBooks is very important so that the Online Payroll service will pay your employees from your bank account. These steps are quite complex, so you can get in touch with QuickBooks Contact Number.


Steps to Connect your Bank to Online Payroll


All these steps are quite complex, so if you face any problem with these steps, then call on QuickBooks Helpline number to talk with techies and get help. Right now there are 8 banking partners (City Bank, TD Bank, US Bank, Bank of America, Chase, USAA, BB&T Bank, and Wells Fargo) with QuickBooks, so if you have an account in any one of these banks, then you can follow these steps to connect instantly.

§  Open QuickBooks software. Go to Payroll service and click on Workers > Employee.

§  Then choose to Add Employee.

§  Enter all the required information of Employee.

§  Select ‘Direct deposit’ in the Payment method.

§  Enter Account type, routing number, account number and click on done.

§  Then select Next to finish the direct deposit set up.

§  When the direct deposit setup is complete, click on Get Started.

§  Choose your bank, enter your booking ID and Banking password, and click connect.

§  Confirm your business information and select next.

§  Enter the principal officer details and submit.

If you don’t have an account in one of the partner banks, and you haven’t passed the instant bank verification process, then go through the Normal Bank verification process.

§  Go to the connect page and search for your bank name in the list.

§  Then choose to connect using the routing number and account number.

§  Then enter both Bank Account number and routing number, and select next.

§  Verify your business information and click on Continue.

§  Then enter the principal officer information and verify, then submit.

§  To fully verify your account information and connection, a test transaction will occur in your bank account with 2 business days.


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This was the whole process to connect your bank with Online Payroll service. If you feel any difficulty in above-given steps and think you need help, then call on QuickBooks phone number to get in touch with the support team.


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