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Zoya Carter

Temples are sacred places of worship. Countless numbers have been built since time immemorial, just as countless numbers have been destroyed and completely forgotten. However, some have lasted for centuries and remain in remarkably good condition today.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Wat Phra Si Sanphet, or the Temple of the Buddha Si Sanphet, was built around the 15th century. Unlike Thailand’s other temples, monks were not allowed to live in it. Instead, it was used exclusively for storing royal items and conducting royal ceremonies.In 1491, King Ramathibodi II added two chedis to the temple to hold the remains of members of his family. Chedis are a vital part of Thailand’s temples. They’re built after the body of a deceased loved one has been cremated, and the ashes of the dead are usually kept inside.One of the two chedis built by Ramathibodi II held the ashes of his late father while the other held the ashes of his late brother. Seven years later, he added an assembly hall where the statue of Buddha Phra Si Sanphet was placed. The statue was covered in about 200 kilograms (440 lb) of gold.It was this statue that later popularized the temple and gave it its name. Unfortunately, the gold covering the statue was looted in 1767 by the invading Burmese army, who also destroyed much of the temple.

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Dwarkadhish Temple

Suvarna Dwarka, a town in ancient Anarta, India, was the capital city of Lord Krishna’s kingdom. It’s the home of the Dwarkadhish temple, which is regarded as one of the holiest places in the world by Hindus. It is also their most important site for pilgrimages.Its main idol is an image of Krishna depicted as the god Vishnu, with four arms. It is believed that Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu. There are also idols of Baldejvi (Krishna’s brother) and Pradyumna and Aniruddha (Krishna’s son and grandson). There are also several other shrines dedicated to his mother, Shiva, and Vishnu himself.The temple is an imposing five-story building with 72 pillars and a 78-meter-high (255 ft) temple spire. On top of the temple is a 25-meter (84 ft) flag with images of the Sun and the Moon. The 2,500-year-old temple has two entrances: Its northern entrance is called “Moksha Dwara,” which means “Door to Salvation,” and its southern entrance is called “Swarga Dwara,” which means “Gate to Heaven.”

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Jennifer Holt

One of the most common complaints Asus users have is that the battery of their laptop doesn’t last for a long time. The most obvious solution is to buy a new battery. However, in some cases, there’s a chance to increase the battery life without paying any money.

Sometimes the reason why the battery doesn’t hold on for long is not that it’s weak. Instead, it’s just not properly charged. In order to get it fully charged, you need to empty it completely. So, unplug the laptop from the charger and turn on the demanding programs if you want to accelerate the process. You can switch on the radio, increase the screen brightness, keep several programs running at once, etc. When the laptop shuts down, plug it into the charger and wait until the battery is fully charged.

According to the people from Asus tech support, completely charging the battery should give you some additional minutes. However, if you want to increase the battery life significantly, you will need to say goodbye to certain things:

Multitasking– if you want the battery to last longer, you must not keep several demanding programs opened at the same time.

Background apps– turn off the applications that work in the background, including your torrent client, Skype and similar communication apps, and so on.

Don’t play video games– video games drain the battery more than other programs. It’s because they make the CPU work hard, but also the graphics card.

Don’t watch HD videos– this too will result in increased performance of the graphics card, which will need to consume the battery energy in order to work properly.

These are just a few tips on how to prolong the battery life of your Asus laptop. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact Asus Support UK. Our Technical Support team will resolve all your issues.

Reese Williams

What is the HP Printer Support Number for fix all printer errors? The growing need of technology is making users more dependent on the electronic gadgets and machines to get their work done easily and faster.  It is very suitable for both business and household purposes. Be it for business or office document or your kids’ school project HP printers are the most reliable. However, it is very likely that users may face some problem or technical issues while using the high technology for the daily purpose. To tackle down the problem of such technical issues it is necessary for users to be able to find a timely solution.

Need of HP printer support & Services

HP printers are used by millions of people around the globe. That's why it has established a prestigious image among various other printing manufacturing brands. The printer is benefiting people and helping them to meet their business and non-business requirements.  This is the time when you require technical support for HP printers in order to make the printing device working again. 

HP Support for all issues related to HP Printers

This is very common for users to face any technical issues while using such high technology. Since with time and heavy or rough use, any great technology can fall at faults and there can be need for tech support. To get a quick and hassle free tech help, which is nearly impossible to get when you reach a tech support stores, it is best advised to approach an online help for the same. Therefore just contact HP Support Number for any kind of issue with your HP Printer. We offer one stop solutions for all the queries, problems and issues with your HP printers.

We Support Common Problems with HP Printers:
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  • Help for update wireless Printer
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  • Cannot print on wired & wireless
Sharon Matthew

If you receive the error that says no bootable device found on your Acer laptop, then the primary cause of this error may be incorrect boot order, partition not set as active or hard disk failure. This problem can be corrected by following the below-mentioned points:

Resolve Device Error in Acer

Change Boot Order Settings to Fix Acer Laptop No Bootable Device Error in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
To fix up the Acer laptop, no bootable device error is to make sure the first boot device of your PC is the hard drive. To examine the boot order, follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: The primary step that you need to take is to reboot your PC.
Step 2: Secondly, you need to access the BIOS menu.
Step 3: Go to the Boot tab.
Step 4: Change the boot order settings and make the Hard Drive as first boot device
Step 5: Save the settings.
Step 6: Reboot your PC.
Reset Primary Partition as Active

Bootable device error will take place if your primary partition is not set to “active” on your Acer laptop. Therefore, you could try to reset the first partition as active, and you could use disk part to run the important commands to fix the issue. Follow these steps:

Step 1: First Step is to put DVD or USB Drive for Windows Installation and start booting from it..
Step 2: Click command prompt under the system recovery Options or Troubleshoot,
Step 3: In the next step you need to type the command “diskpart” and press enter.
Step 4: Then you need to “select disk 0” and press enter.
Step 5: Type “list partition” and press the enter button.
Step 6: In the next step “select partition 1” and hit enter key.
Step 7: In this step, you need to type “active” and hit Enter.
Repair Corrupted Boot Files
Corrupted boot files on your Acer laptop could also trigger the no bootable device error. You can repair this problem by following easy steps:

Step 1: First Step is to Inserting the boot disk & boot from it.
Step 2: Now, select the language & region, & then click Repair your computer.
Step 3: Install media select troubleshoot and then Command Prompt. If you are a user of Windows 10 (or 8.1, 8)
Step 4: If you are using a Windows 7 installation media, in System Recovery Options, select the first item and then choose Windows 7 as the operating system and click Next.
Step 5: Click Command Prompt.Step 6. In Command Prompt, type the below lines one by one and hit Enter after each. 
bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Step 6: Close prompt window & rebo0t PC
Also, do update Drivers for Acer Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Outdated versions of Acer drivers could cause a lot of issues to your Acer device, like WiFi problem, no sound, black screen, blue screen, USB not working, etc. To make your Acer laptop always function accurately, you shall update Acer drivers for your device regularly. Also you can get additional support for your Acer device error at Acer Contact Number UK. The technical expert available there will resolve all your issues..!!

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Emma Shah

Among the great discoveries of the 20th century was that of the role of DNA in heritability and the maintenance of life. Each of our cells contains almost two meters (6.5 ft) of DNA coiled within it. The study of DNA is still ongoing, but some of the discoveries so far have been a bit weird.

Hybrid Vigor

We all know the dangers of inbreeding and that it is probably not best to marry a close relative. Charles II, the king of Spain in the late 1600s, was so inbred that instead of the usual eight great-grandparents, he only had four. A glance at his portrait and biography will show that this was not a good idea.But something interesting happens when you breed two inbred individuals from different families together. The offspring of such a match will often show a level of physical fitness well above either parent, and sometimes greater than the general population. This effect is called heterosis, or hybrid vigor. What seems to happen is that, for an inbred individual to survive, they must have some valuable traits to offset the detrimental ones. An individual who has been inbred from a different family will have different sets of genes. The cross will benefit from the good dominant traits and hide the negative recessive traits. This also explains the current trend of crossbreeding purebred dogs.

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Just when you think you have genetics figured out, a new set of complications arises. You inherit one copy of a gene from your mother and one from your father, and you would think they would interact in a nice, equal style. Alas, the inequality between the genders is more than skin-deep.Epigenetics is the study of the changes which can be made to DNA without changing the actual sequence of the DNA itself. Chemical modifications to the DNA can make a gene more or less active. This imprinting, as it is called, can have large effects on offspring health. Two disorders—Angelman syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome—are caused by the inheritance of the same genetic information, but they have widely differing symptoms. The same DNA sequence causes different effects, and it all depends on whom you inherit that piece of DNA from. If the DNA is from your mother, you will develop Prader-Willi syndrome. If the DNA is from your father, you will develop Angelman syndrome.


It is often said that the DNA in all of our cells is the same. This is broadly true, except in the case of mutations. If a mutation happens when an embryo is young, say eight or 16 cells, then all of the descendants of the mutated cell will inherit the mutation. This will lead to patches of the adult organism having the mutation while others don’t. This can lead to visible changes, such as patches of colored skin or hair, or localized diseases. In humans it can be possible to see stripes (called Blaschko’s lines) that occur when two colored cell types develop together.Occasionally it happens that two embryos in a womb will fuse at an early stage of development. The cells of the two embryos mingle and develop as a single individual. That one organism will then have two sets of DNA. Due to cell migration in embryo development, the resulting organism will end up with patches of each type of cell. In this case of mosaicism, the organism is referred to as a chimera.


Proteins are coded for in DNA in sections of three base pairs in length (codons). When DNA is copied there is a proofreading process which makes sure that the copy is the same as the original. Mutations occur when a mistake slips through the proofreading, an event which only happens about once every several million base pairs. But certain sites are more likely to accumulate mutations than others. Sometimes there are repeated runs of the same codon, called trinucleotide repeats. Toshiba Support ukThese make it harder for the proofreading mechanism.In Huntington’s disease, the gene involved has a number of runs of CAG in its code. If during copying an extra set of CAG base pairs is slipped in, the proofreading mechanism might miss it, as there are CAG repeats on either side. As a result, when the protein is produced, it has an extra amino acid in it. Luckily there is some flexibility in the protein which allows for some additions. Only when the length of the mutation reaches a critical length does the disease show. And because mistakes accumulate with each generation, Huntington’s disease appears to get worse from parent to child.

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